Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Figure by Jo Edwards

Go Figure by Jo Edwards

Ryan has always been a "big girl". When she was ten she was called out by an instructor at cheer camp as fat. Everything has been downhill since. Ryan's one claim to fame is that her high school ex-boyfriend Noah has recently graced the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. Other than that her life pretty much sucks according to her. She has her mom who doesn't need a man (that's what sperm banks are for), her brother who had leukemia and is now a pot head, two best friends (one is a "big girl" like Ryan and the other is a gorgeous skinny girl who is kind of promiscuous), then she has her photography. The boy next door and her long ago friend is in her new prestigious photography class. She can’t help but think why would he want to be seen hanging out with the fat girl.
She believes that her weight has held her back in almost every aspect of her life... her relationships with her family and friends, her romantic relationships, even the college she will choose. Will Ryan be able to come to terms with her weight problem or will she become the ideal girl she has always wanted to be?

Jo Edwards did a good job. This book was really good!(and on a personal level I found it to be somewhat true). I loved the characters, especially Ryan. The ending was completely unexpected and the way everything turns out made this book that much more special. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had a body image issue or to anyone who has ever picked on someone about their body. I give this book 4 Stars.

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Go Figure by Jo Edwards is 271 pages and was published October 23, 2007. You can purchase this book at or

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