Thursday, October 27, 2011

He's With Me by Tamara Summers

He's With Me by Tamara Summers

Lexie and her twin brother Collin have always been the best of friends. A couple of years ago the duo changed to a trio when Jake moved to town.This summer Lexie and Collin are being split up. Her mother is forcing her to go to tennis camp (which she hates) without Collin her only friend. It just so happens Jake will be going along with the resident popular mean girl. Bree (the mean girl) has set her sights on Jake. Jake cannot stand the thought of having to fend off Bree's advances all summer, so Collin comes up with the ultimate idea. Lexie will pretend to be Jake's girlfriend. The problem is this is what she has wanted since the day they met, too bad she is only his best friend's sister. While pretending to be Jake's girlfriend, the new guy Riley is paying a lot of attention to Lexie and for some reason it's making Jake act strange.How will she survive the summer pretending to love the boy she has always been in love with. Will she finally get a boyfriend? Finally have that first kiss? and will it be for now ...or for real?

This was a really cute short teen romance. The characters averaged about 15 years of age. This is an average drama filled teen romance with a love quadrangle. If you're looking for a short light read pick this up. I give this book a 3 STAR rating.

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He's With Me is by Tamara Summers, contains 224 pages, and was published on May 1, 2007 by Scholastic Paperbacks. This is the first book in the I Heart Bikinis series, which is written by different authors.

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