Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Once A Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

When Tamsin was born her grandmother fortold that she would be a witch with powers like they had never seen. Unfortunately Tamsin has had to live down the disappointment of that prediction her entire life. Not only does she not have an impressive Talent... she has no Talent at all. A mysterious young professor comes to her family shop asking for magical help and mistakes her for her golden child of a sister Rowena. Tamsin jumps at the chance to prove herself to her family once and for all. She and her childhood friend Gabriel will embark on a journey through time uncovering secrets that were meant to remain hidden, kept from her and the rest of her family for a good reason. Tamsin's life and that of those around her will forever be changed as she discovers who she is and who she was meant to be.

This book has been around for a while now and I just read it. I have no idea why I waited so long and fully regret that now. This book is absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it. Seeing past the supernatural part of the book it relates to readers on a much more basic level. At some point in time most of us have felt that we needed to live up to someone else or prove ourselves just as worthy as they are. This book touches on that,the feeling that you're an outcast, sibling rivalry and the love that goes with it, and of self discovery. This book is absolutely recommended.

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