Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where Can I Get Books Cheap? or FREE?

     Hello, my name is Brandi and I am a book buying addict. So, I'm a full time college student with a part time job. As you can imagine I'm not rolling in money. This does not stop my book buying habit. I search for deals, rate my books in order of most wanted, enter giveaways, anything you can imagine to get books. How do I keep my supply coming?
     First off, amazon is my homepage if that gives you a clue. New releases are really cheap here. When a new release normally averages $17.99 you can get it on amazon for 11.99. Also on amazon there are the bargain books. They range from $20 and under, $10 and under, and my favorite $5 and under. For example, right now you can get the first three books in The Immortals series by Alyson Noel in a boxed set with a poster for $3.99. I have a Kindle. There are tons of cheap if not free books on Kindle. They range from the classic to romance. Take advantage! Lastly on amazon there is the AmazonPrime membership. Last time I checked they offer this service free for a year if you sign up for amazon student prime. This allows free two day shipping on most books purchased from them, and $3.99 one day shipping. The up side? I got an offer to renew my membership for $39.99 and that gave me access to free TV shows and movies.Prime members can also borrow Kindle books from the prime library and Kindle users can borrow from each other. Last, but certainly not least, go to amazon book buyback. You can sell most books, dvd, etc. back to amazon for an amazon gift card. Show amazon some love!

On to a new book buying venture. I'm not sure how widespread it is, but my favorite store is Hastings. This store offers dvds, blu-rays, video games, music, various electronics, and my! In the store they normally have deals on used books like 5 for $25, or bargain books, or clearance books. I actually got an illustrated new copy of Purgatorio by Dante gor $0.99. Yeah, you read that right ninety nine cents! And the bargain prices? I got Water Wars by Cameron Stracher for $3.99 and used I got Sisters Red by Jackson Pierce for $3.99. You think this is awesome? Just wait until you go to their website.  Friend/like them on facebook and make an account online. Make sure to sign up for their email news letters. These aren't the normal annoying emails from companies, these are goooood! On the site you can find used hardback editions for $3.99 and in an email you might get a code word to take 40% off your purchase. This means you could get your book for...$2.39! The beauty? All used books ship for free!
     Now, here comes the websites. I was first introduced to the online world of books on you can find me here under the username of Brennedy. This site has book reviews, groups, clubs, etc. The best part is there is a group called The Early Reviewer. (you can find a link on my profile page and feel free to friend me) This is where authors/publishers provide ARC or Advanced Readers Copies to be given away. ( I received The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder through this) In exchange for being chosen you are asked to review the book on the website. There are also audio books and ebooks offered. Then there is the member giveaway. This is where authors or people who just want to get rid of book give their books away.  In the same line as LibraryThing is Goodreads . Make an account, go to the drop down box labeled explore and click on giveaways. Here you can register to win free ARC and books. Also on these sites are places that will connect you to people who want to swap books and you can request a book to be swapped here also.
     Next is cruise YouTube. Look at book hauls, bookshelf tours, In My Mailboxes. Sometimes booktubers will have blogs. Bloggers and booktubers will sometimes have contests to give away books.
     Miscellaneous: Check out Goodwill stores! You can't get any better that $1 books. Go to garage sales they sell books there too. Guess what your library has books too. The library also sells old books, both your public and school library. Go to your local used book stores!
***If you have any questions email me and put Where Can I Get Cheap Books as the subject***

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  1. Wonderful suggestions. I love Hastings too. I went to Facebook and Liked the page so I can get updates from now on. Also, do you follow Pixel of Ink? They have a Facebook page and a blog. They post Free and Bargain Kindle and Nook books. I've found some great books and wonderful deals there.