Monday, March 19, 2012

Her Best Friend's Brother by TJ Dell

Title: Her Best Friend's Brother
Author: TJ Dell
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services
Length: 167 pages estimated
Source: Amazon Kindle
Format: eBook

Description from

Libby has been in love with Tony Marchetti since she was seven years old. The problem? Tony is her best friend's older brother. Lately Tony has started looking at her in a new way and he emails her all the time. Could it be possible that he is starting to see her as more than his kid sister's best friend?

Tony knows Libby McKay is off limits. She's his sister's best friend for crying out loud! But she is also smart, funny, and seriously hot. Plus she's not afraid to get a little sweaty-- on the track that is. Tony can't seem to help himself, besides what's a few emails? The occasional phone call? He can keep things light and friendly-- Can't he?

***The description comes with a warning from the author that it does contain some adult content. There are several scenes of sexual situations and one sex scene with both parties being adults. I personally would recommend this for older teens (16 maybe-17+)and up.

My Thoughts:

This isn't the best book in the world, but it has quickly become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. T.J. Dell has woven an amazing romance between a girl and her best friend's brother who quickly becomes one of her best friends. This scenario is one of my romantical weaknesses. It has everything you could ask for friendship, romance, waiting & longing galore, a few steamy scenes, miscommunication, and a love years in the making.
Some readers might get bored at the numerous missed love connections between the two main characters, but for me it made the book all the more enjoyable. Her Best Friend's Brother does span a long time period in the lives of Libby and Tony (I usually don't like this), but I think that the author's pacing made the time fly by in a believable manner. If this book was to ever be "big time" published I would like to see this fleshed out more. Another aspect of the book is that it isn't immediate love. Their romance grows from a childhood crush, into friendship, and finally into real love. The only negative part of the book for me was I kept wanting them to be together already and the fact that Tony is Libby's best friend's brother is never really a factor for Libby. All in all, I loved this romance! I give this book a biased 4 STAR rating.

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