Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday 8/28

Today is the last day of summer break! Oh...and it's also Tuesday! The Broke and The Bookish hosts this awesome little Tuesday meme where they give us a topic and we post our top ten. After that you link your post back to their website. This week's topic is Top Ten Bookish Confessions...should be interesting.

10.) Book Hoarder
 There are five bookshelves in my room and a chest of drawers filled with books.
9.) Loyal reader
I buy and have read every Jennifer Armentrout and Amanda Hocking book that comes out.
8.) Child at heart!
Checking the mailbox is a daily occurrence and when I get a package it's like Christmas.
7.)Pet Peeves
 Amnesia, ghost, mysteries, and time travel books are my least favorite. I won't read books about drugs or books in verse.
6.) Bookish Roots
My real start into reading began with my mom's romance novels and I must admit that I have read Brave the Wild Wind by Johanna Lindsay around 7 times.
5.) Book Placement Disorder.
 Every book has a place and every place has a book and I've memorized where they belong.
4.)I never mark my place in a book.
3.) Book Second Guessing
 I will read a book or never get to and give it away, then I will buy it a second time to give it another chance.
2.)My books MUST match
...if they don't I will buy a second copy so they will.
1.) Book SALES are my down fall!
I cannot resist a good sale. At least once or twice a month I look through Amazon Bargain Books, GoHastings.com, Wal-Mart, and the clearance racks at the Hastings store.

***Do we have any of  the same confessions? Don't forget to leave a link to your Top Ten post so I can check it out!


  1. I am a child at heart as well when it comes to packages in the mail. And oh my goodness I cannot ever resist a sale! :-D

    My TTT

  2. I should not be allowed near book sales. With money on me. I almost always end up spending every single penny!
    Here’s my TTT

  3. I don't mark my place in books either and I also love a good book sale.