Friday, April 25, 2014

Latest Obsession - April 2014

Lately I have felt I need to be in more contact with the bookish community. Over the last couple of years one of the things I have learned is that I love reading about the non-book likes and dislikes from other bloggers and YouTubers. As a way to share additional information and to get back into the habbit of posting more frequently my new goal is to post my latest entertainment likes and dislikes a couple times a month.  

Music- They All Want You by Lissie

There is just something about this song that I absolutely love. You can hear heartbreak and wanting in her voice and in the lyrics. Also check out Everywhere I Go by Lissie. I can listen and do listen to these two songs on repeat.


TV Shows- Salem on WGN


WOW! First episode and I am hooked. Witchcraft, Salem, deceit, beautiful people being bad, and a hot rebel to save the day? What more could you want? Salem has an American Horror Storyesque vibe to and isn't a show for a younger audience. I don't want to give away anything, but I love the story line (or what it seems from the first episode). I have read some negative comments about the show not being historical enough, to frightening or sexual, etc. First off let's tackle the not historical enough aspect. This is not a National Geographic production it is not meant to be historical. It takes a time period where people were persecuted for witchcraft and expands on this idea to what would it be like if there were truly witches during this time period and their motives and the lengths they went to in order to keep themselves hidden. Don't "preach" on the inaccuracy, enjoy the show for what it is...entertainment. There is plenty of gruesome/frightening witchy scenes as well as sexual undertones and scenes. Do I think they are gratifying? No, I actually believe they enhance the story being told. I loved the first episode and will definitely continue watching it. HuluCheck out the season trailer below:


Last But Not Least...My New PUPPIES!

We got THREE NEW PUPPIES last week! They are now 5 weeks old and are the most precious baby chihuahuas ever! They are so stinkin' cute and hilarious to watch romping around.

The 2 on the left are Sam & Dean (boys) and the one on the right is my dad's puppy Dixie (girl). The boys are named after these two awesome guys

I already have a cute dog named Dobby, but he is tempermental and won't let me love him. This is what we look like
You know Supernatural changed your life when...


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