Sunday, October 16, 2011

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

Small Town Sinners is about a girl named Lacey Ann who
has grown up in a very religious community which her and her family are
actively involved in. Lacey always does what she is told, but when the new guy
comes to town things change. Their church is famous for their Hell House. The
Hell House takes visitors on a tour of various sins and the horrific
consequences they have in hopes of saving souls. For years Lacey has wanted to
play the part of the coveted abortion girl. This year Lacey’s time has come,
she gets her wish, but certain events will lead her to question everything she
has ever known.
This book doesn't question the Christian religion, but
it questions blindly following something just because someone tells you to and the
ever present question of is everything always black and white is brought up. Small
Town Sinners, in a controversial move, ultimately asks,can you have your faith
and still follow your heart?
This was a pretty good book. I see this type of blind obedience every day, and
not just in religion. In that aspect Small Town Sinners asks that you make your
own decisions and come to conclusions based on your own experiences. The only
problems I had was that there wasn't enough action of any kind for me. The
romance and chemistry was lacking between all of the characters. The problems
that were encountered weren't wrapped up enough at the end for me either. Overall
this was a pretty good book that I found
relatable and at the end of the day would recommend.

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