Sunday, December 11, 2011

Authors You Might Not Know, But Definitely Should Pt. 1

Ok guys, the end of the year is winding down and I thought I would share with you some books and authors I’ve “found”. There will be two Authors featured on each post. Most of these are ebooks that I’ve read on Kindle. The highlighted title will be linked to their Amazon page.
                First off, one of my “new” favorite authors is Amanda Hocking. You have probably heard of her upcoming release of the Trylle Trilogy (which was amazing and have new amazing covers), but they weren’t my favorite. I absolutely loved her book called Hollowland. This was my first foray into ZOMBIES. Let me tell you, I’m a girly girl and had no desire to read about rotting corpses eating people. Amanda Hocking singlehandedly changed my mind. I read Hollowland and told everyone about it. Hollowmen the second book is now available. Don’t forget to check out the Trylle Trilogy and My BloodApproves.


  Next is Tess Oliver. My favorites of her books are Bitterroot Crossing and Camille. Let’s start off with Bitterroot Crossing. This was a good love story involving a disgruntled cowboy/outlaw ghost in a present day love triangle. I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously Brandi? Another love triangle?” Well, I just can’t help it. This one was good. I didn’t know who I wanted her to end up with in the end. Also the main character was really interesting in that she wasn’t perfect. In fact she was imperfect and I loved how at the end she didn’t magically get some superpowers or turn into a super ninja. Next is her book called Camille. Now think about this, combine Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, werewolves, and Victorian (I think) era London. How awesome is that? The main character lives with a mad scientist as his assistant in hunting werewolves and looking for a cure for lycanthropy. She meets a cute, young, and cocky street urchin who gets bit. It’s up to her to find a cure in time. This book was really good. Read it!

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