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Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Aria has grown up in the virtual world of the realms in Reverie. Anything can happen, you can be at a beach one moment and singing on an opera stage the next. Her mother, a geneticist, left on a trip and Aria hasn’t heard from her. She is desperate for word of her mother and will do anything she can to get to her. One night changes everything. A tragedy and betrayal come full force and Aria is forced to leave the pods and finds herself in the world of the Outsiders. This is a place she has always been told savages roam and brings certain death to her people. Here she meets Perry, a strange and surly young man she is forced to place her trust in and her life.
Perry is brother to the Blood Lord and a born leader. He can’t sit by anymore while his brother grieves and his people starve. While attempting to break into Reverie for food he comes across a Dweller. For some inexplicable reason he saves her life and leaves her behind only to meet her again a short while later when she is the last person he wants to see. She needs him to survive and find her mother and he needs her to rescue someone close to him.
Each has something the other can provide and along the way a strange understanding grows between them. They will fight to survive the swirling burning aether, cannibals, wolves, and obstacles they’ve never dreamed of. On their journey, they will discover who they were meant to be Under the Never Sky.
I was going to save this book for 2012 and use it as part of my Debut Author 2012 Challenge. I just couldn’t resist. I started this book one morning after pulling an all-nighter and I just couldn’t stop. I found myself reading in the car, in the halls at school, putting my Kindle behind my purse so I could read in class; I was even tempted to read it at work (I refrained).  The YA genre has grown so much I find it hard to come across a book that is completely original. Ms. Rossi delivered this to me and I am so thankful. The thing that made the book so wonderful was the fact that the characters were imperfect. They weren’t the bravest, the smartest, the most powerful; they were their own unique people.  There was one particular passage in the story when Aria sings a song to Perry and explains its meaning. Ms. Rossi’s writing at this point simply touched me. I found myself hoping one day that I can experience something like that. Under the Never Sky is full of action, adventure, survival, and a deeper look at oneself and the sacrifices we are called on to make. Do we choose our own desires or do what is right for the greater good. This book was simply beautiful and I don’t know how to describe how amazing it was. Please read this, it’s one you don’t want to miss. This book gets a 5 STAR rating.
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Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi will be available JANUARY 3, 2012! The book contains approximately 400 pages and is being released by HarperCollins.

***This was an eGalley provided through Net Galley free for review purposes. The opinions are my own.

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