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Confessions of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

Confessions of a First Daughter

Morgan Abbott is a clumsy 18 year old senior. High school mishaps are embarrassing enough as it is and Morgan has it worse than most girls. Why, you might ask? Her every move is watched, videotaped, photographed, and parodied on TV. She didn’t choose this life…she was elected to it. Her mother, AKA Mom, is who we like to call, Madam President. That’s right, Morgan is the First Daughter. After a few embarrassing debacles like, her skirt coming off during the class presidential debate Morgan is assigned a new secret service agent, Max. He is only a couple of years older than her, slightly abrasive, smart, uptight, and…kinda cute. Morgan hates of the diplomatic hoopla; from the secret service detail to her limo termed Baby Beast.  However, Morgan knows her priorities. When an emergency arises and her mom goes on a super-secret presidential mission, it is up to Morgan to fill in…literally. With a little help from her friends, Morgan will try to pull off the con of a century. She will impersonate the President of the United States. How is an 18 year old supposed to convince everyone she is the leader of the free world? Can she keep up the charade without becoming a national scandal? Well, her code name isn’t Tornado for nothing.

This was a short and cute book. What can be more universal than a young woman trying to grow into a woman with her own identity? I liked Morgan and Max. Morgan really brought to life the difficulty that comes with living your life under a microscope. I have even more sympathy for those individuals sucked into celebrity through no fault of their own. My favorite thing about Max was how caring and gentlemanly he was. We could use more of those in the world. As a college student minoring in political science I was pleasantly surprised with the political jargon thrown in like military junta. The only thing I thought was kind of weird was the way Morgan describes her dad. He sounded pretty hot to me. The inevitable comparisons to Katie Holmes’ First Daughter and Mandy Moore’s lesser known Chasing Liberty (which I love) will be made. I didn’t find this a bad thing. This was a really quick read and didn’t go below what was on the surface. I give this book a 3 ½ STAR rating.

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Confessions of First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway has approximately 224 pages and was released on September 1, 2009 by Harper Teen. There is a sequel to the book entitled Secrets of a First Daughter.

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