Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Breath by Rachel Caine (Morganville Vampires #11) audiobook

Title: Last Breath
Series: The Morganville Vampires #11
Author: Rachel Caine
Narrator: Cynthia Holloway
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Length: 10 hrs. & 46 min.
Edition: audio unabridged

From the Publisher Summary

With her boss preoccupied researching the Founder Houses in Morganville, student Claire Danvers is left to her own devices when she learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace. She soon discovers that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is someone new to town - a mysterious individual named Magnus. After an uneasy encounter with Morganville's latest resident, Claire is certain Magnus isn't merely human. But is he a vampire - or something else entirely?
Bite into another Morganville Vampires novel.

My Thoughts

I have been a longtime fan of the Morganville Vampires series. The last book was a  bit of a disappointment to me, so I went into this one with a lot of apprehension. This is a super long series and I was starting to wonder if Rachel Caine still had it. Boy, did she show me in Last Breath. This was one action packed installment that held my rapt attention! In this book many questions that I had and aspects I wanted Ms. Caine to bring up FINALLY happened!

Let's start with the characters. Claire and Myrnin were once again the stars of the show for me. Claire as always is a mix of fearless heroine and dependent teenage girl. I have nothing against her dependency (especially in Shane) that I would normally hate in other characters. In Claire's instance she has no one but her friends in a town that she can't escape. Caine shows this dependency through Claire's compassion and insecurities in a completely believable way. Onto Myrnin! Myrnin is my favorite character, even more so than Claire. (I thought I would be honest) Everything he says or does holds my attention. In a weird way, his eccentricities are actually quite sane and insightful. I particularly enjoyed him in Last Breath because insight into the way he views Claire is given. The one character throughout the whole series that I just can't seem to like is... Shane. Last Breath didn't help his case in my opinion. Shane just seems like a self indulgent, self centered violent ass. ( I might be a little biased as I'm Team Myrnin or Team Anyone But Shane) As for Eve and Michael they are completely wrapped up in each other as usual with their impending nuptials. The "Big Bad" in this book was particularly interesting and Rachel Caine's interpretation of this mythical creature was completely original and entertaining.

The whole book just renewed my faith in this series. There were various different point of views in this book including Shane, Eve, Michael, and Amalie that I thought were necessary and very interesting. Of all of the Morganville books this one is my favorite. I laughed, said nuh-uh a thousand times, and cried. I give this book a 4 1/2 STAR rating.

As for the audio aspect...I am a huge fan of narrator Cynthia Holloway. She is a large part of why I bought this book. Cynthia does a wonderful job voicing the characters just as she does with The Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. If you have never listened to an audio book before give one of her books a shot.

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