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Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Title: Low Red Moon
Author: Ivy Devlin
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens (September 14, 2010)
Length: 256 pages
Format: hardcover

Description from the Book:
She knows what he is, but she can't be sure what he's done.

     The only thing Avery Hood can recall about the night her parents died is that she saw silver-deadly silver, moving inhumanly fast. As much as she wants to remember who killed them, she can't, and there's nothing left to do but try to piece her life back together.
     Then Avery meets the new boy in school-Ben, mysterious and beautiful, with who she feels a connection like nothing she's ever experienced. Ben is a werewolf, but Avery trusts him-at first. Then she sees that sometimes his eyes flash inhuman silver. And she learns that she's not the only one who can't remember the night her parents died.
     Avery needs to know what happened. This is the story of how she finds out-part murder mystery, part grief narrative, and part heart-stopping, headlong romance.

My Thoughts:

Low Red Moon was a pleasant surprise. This book opens up with one gripping and gruesome bang! Avery and her parents have lived what some might see as an alternative lifestyle. They are mostly self sufficient and keep to themselves and their beloved woods. However that all changes when her parents are brutally murdered and Avery is forced to move to town with a grandmother she hardly knows. Avery can't remember anything except something quick, something silver, and something unnatural. Readers will find an intense and sympathetic character in Avery. She is not only likable, but intriguing and intelligent as well. The thing I liked the best about her and what makes her different from many characters in YA stories is that she doesn't blindly accept anything as the truth. She questions and when she comes to a feasible conclusion she goes with it!There are several other characters of note in the book such as the grandmother and Ben the "love interest".  However, the book is mainly about the mystery that surrounds Avery and her learning about what is really out there. I'm normally not a fan of murder mystery books, but this one will definitely be a favorite of mine in that category. If you are looking for "fluff" and happiness, skip this book. Like most supernatural stories there is a bit of cheese factor. First off her last name is in Red Riding Hood :) Secondly, Low Red Moon has a case of insta-love. Nothing leads up to it. Avery and Ben just automatically want each other. The romance scenes are pretty nice though. The ending leaves room for a sequel, but this book has been out for a while. If not its a great stand alone book. This book gets a 4 STAR rating.

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