Friday, June 8, 2012

Movie Musings: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White & the Huntsman

Release Date: June 1, 2012 (USA)
Rating: PG-13
Director: Rupert Sanders
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, & Charlize Theron

***See more on the movie and cast at IMDB.

Movie Musings:

Snow White & the Huntsman has been at the top of my most anticipated movies of the year for a while. Lucky for me I got to see it this past weekend! I went with a group of friends ranging from late 40s to late teens and a mix of male and female. The reviews were mixed. Fairy tale retellings are a weakness of mine, especially when they make them dark or "edgy". Snow White definitely did this!

As most of you know this movie had a pretty awesome cast that included Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, and...Kristen Stewart.  So, we'll go down the line. Chirs Hemsworth plays the Huntsman (YES, that is what he goes by the ENTIRE movie) who is emotionally broken and bribed to track down Snow White and return her to the evil queen. He did a great job acting (this was the first movie I've seen him in). He was believable, heart breaking, and constantly engaging. His struggle between his past and what was possibly hope for the future had the audience rooting for him the entire time. This said, I can now state the obvious. Mr. Hemsworth also provided a very invaluable service as some buff, manly, eye candy! He is one very attractive man. Next is Queen Ravenna played by the lovely Charlize Theron. It is amazing how someone so beautiful can have me believing she is pure evil!  Ms. Theron was the perfect choice to play the queen. She was beautiful, evil, and oddly sympathetic. By the end of the movie, despite how horrible she was, I still kind of liked her. Picture the combination of the evil queen from the original Snow White, the emotional scars of an abused girl, and Countess Elizabeth Bathory. She completely stole the show. Snow White is played by Kristen Stewart. Many people have complaints about her acting ability in the Twilight Saga and for some of my fellow movie watchers Snow White was no exception. I thought her acting was improved. However, I must admit she doesn't have that many speaking parts. She was good, but didn't blow me away.  Lastly are the dwarfs who were made of pure awesome. They served as a  much needed comic relief in what was a pretty dark movie at times.


     Onto the world and images created by the "movie wizards" of Snow White. The majority of the movie is set in a depressing and dying land where people are struggling to survive. Completely opposite of that was what I will call the "sanctuary". It was amazingly beautiful and gorgeous and I want to live there. The problem was that the movie graphics (not sure about the word) didn't look like it meshed with the rest of the movie. Next was a couple of the mythical creatures mixed in and animals. I liked them and thought they were cute, but one of my friends pointed out they amped up the corny factor. In fact, she told me if they started singing she was getting up and leaving. Other than these couple of things the movie was gorgeous. I'm not a technical movie buff, but I loved the effects involving the queen.


     I am a movie/TV person who has a special place in my heart for supernatural/ fairytale retellings. Not often does an ending not go the way I imagined especially in movie like these. Snow White has one of those endings that surprised me... but not in a good way. The ending completely disappointed me. I was left with the questions "Are you serious? That is the end?" Maybe there will be a part two to make me happy, but I highly doubt it. Instead if I watch it again I'll stop the movie right before the ending and make up my own.


     So, the sum of the story is that I liked the movie until the ending. Was it worth my money to see it? Considering I only had to pay $3 and got to realize how hot Chris Hemsworth is ...yes. Will I buy the movie? If it is on sale.

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