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Movie Musings: Blood & Chocolate

Blood & Chocolate

Release Date: January 26, 2007
Rating: PG-13
Director: Katja von Garnier
Starring: Agnes Bruckner & Hugh Dancy

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My Thoughts:

The Quick Summary

The idea behind the movie is that a werewolf girl name Vivian (Agnes Bruckner) moves from the US to Bulgaria after her parents are killed. Here she has to fit in with her pack and keep their secret on the down low. The problem is that she is drawn to a human comic artist named Aiden (Hugh Dancy) who will not quit pursuing her. Coincidentally the comics he draws are about wolves and he calls her wolf girl. Vivian must protect him from her pack alpha Gabriel and Rafe, his son who has a taste for hunting humans without the pack. Vivian will have to choose between her pack and life as she has known it and a human boy who might not accept her when he learns that she might really be a wolf girl.

The cast of Blood & Chocolate was actually pretty good. Vivian played by Agnes Bruckner was convincing at being an emotionally torn character. Aiden played by the rather cute Hugh Dancy is good at his character also. The only one that I found a little odd was Gabriel. Maybe it was his accent mixed with the intensity of his character. Whatever it was, it just doesn't seem believable.


And Then There Was The Movie

I love this book so much that I was ecstatic when it came out! Going to see it in the theater wasn't an option for me, so when it came out on DVD I was at the store buying it. After putting it in the DVD player, sitting down in the couch, and making everyone be quiet... I was confused. The movie is NOTHING like the book. Some of the people have names that are from the book and there are loup-garoux, but don't expect any other similarities. The movie takes place in a different country, all of the characters are adults, the "bad" guys are good, there is a prophesy involved, Vivian ends up with the wrong guy, it's OK to eat people as long as its with the pack, and in the end it was an all around disappointment. If I hadn't read the book I might have liked the movie a lot more. When thinking of the two I have to separate them in my mind.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a romantically sappy werewolf movie watch Blood & Chocolate. If you are wanting to watch the movie version of the amazing Blood & Chocolate book...skip it and save yourself the time, money, and heartbreak

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