Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Kiss Off by Sarah Billington

Title: The Kiss Off
Author: Sarah Billington
Publisher: Billington Media; 1 edition (May 11, 2012)
Length: 262 pages
Format: eBook

Description from Goodreads:

When sixteen year old Poppy Douglas writes a song about her ex-boyfriend Cam and ex-friend Nikki, she has no idea that her heartbreak is about to go global.

A local band picks up her song from Youtube and soon she’s along for the ride with her own fanbase as they blow up on the local club scene and hit the international charts. Though it turns out leaving Cam behind isn’t as easy as she had hoped.

Tangled in a web of unfinished homework, ill-considered sexting and a new lead-singer boyfriend, Poppy has a choice to make between the ex that inspired it all and the rock God whose poster lines the inside of half the lockers at school. But as she struggles to keep her emotional dirty laundry private, she learns that the truth can be hard to find when your life is in the headlines.

My Thoughts:

The Kiss Off sounded like a cute book, so I picked it up and thankfully it was! Poppy is an angry, sarcastic, songwriting mash-up of teenage girl and drama. Boy was this book filled with drama. Poor Poppy has been wronged by her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her ex-friend/coworker. So, what does she do? Write an angry girl song about and put it on YouTube. An up and coming band recognizes it for the genius that it is and has a meteoric rise to fame due to said song. Poppy and the lead singer hit it off and a relationship ensues. The this is Poppy is only 16 years old and might not be ready to deal with not only a long distance relationship, but having a rock star for a boyfriend. To top it all off her ex-boyfriend is showing interest again their breakup might not have been what she thought.

I must admit I loved Poppy's boy drama, especially because it isn't mine. Both of the guys in her life have their good and bad qualities. Cam is the ex and throughout the story readers can see that he still feels something for Poppy, whether friendship or something'll just have to read and see. Then there is Ty the super talented and sexy rock star who loved her song. He is nice and seems to sincerely like Poppy, but there is always the question of if he really likes her or just her song. Add to that the troubles that come with being a celebrity boyfriend on tour and Ty and Poppy are in for a bumpy ride.

There is a host of other characters, but my favorite by far was Poo Bum the dog! I loved his stinky doggy self and the comedic relief he added to the story. The only characters that I wasn't too impressed with were Mads and Vanya. Mads seemed to do a complete 180 and Vanya had all but disappeared by the end of the book. . Last and most pickiest was some of the phrases seemed a little off...almost British. Perhaps it was just me. I definitely can't wait until the sequel comes out. I give this book a 4 STAR rating!

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  1. Thank you for the review. The author is Australian, so maybe that's why some of the phrases were different than what you are used to.