Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Inhuman by Kat Falls

Title: Inhuman
Author: Kat Falls
Publisher: Scholastic Press, (September 24, 2013)
Series: Fetch #1
Length: 384 pages
Format: ARC- I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

Description from Goodreads:

In a world ravaged by mutation, a teenage girl must travel into the forbidden Savage Zone to recover lost artifacts or her father’s life is forfeit.

America has been ravaged by a war that has left the eastern half of the country riddled with mutation. Many of the people there exhibit varying degrees of animal traits. Even the plantlife has gone feral.

Crossing from west to east is supposed to be forbidden, but sometimes it’s necessary. Some enter the Savage Zone to provide humanitarian relief. Sixteen-year-old Lane’s father goes there to retrieve lost artifacts—he is a Fetch. It’s a dangerous life, but rewarding—until he’s caught.

Desperate to save her father, Lane agrees to complete his latest job. That means leaving behind her life of comfort and risking life and limb—and her very DNA—in the Savage Zone. But she’s not alone. In order to complete her objective, Lane strikes a deal with handsome, roguish Rafe. In exchange for his help as a guide, Lane is supposed to sneak him back west. But though Rafe doesn’t exhibit any signs of “manimal” mutation, he’s hardly civilized . . . and he may not be trustworthy.

My Thoughts:

      Inhuman by Kat Falls is a rare type of book. At first glance/blurb I was expecting some catastrophic disease to have spread turning everyone into the overdone and overhyped zombie that seems to. I was wrong. The Ferae virus was accidentally unleashed on the United States and spread like wildfire. It resulted in riots, quarantines, death, and eventually the U.S. was divided. Everything past the Mississippi has been abandoned and the Ferae virus and the humans who are infected call it home. Unforeseen circumstances send Lane across the divide in search of her father. Here she learns that the government hasn't quite been telling the truth, her father isn’t who she thinks he is, and most importantly she learns to be independent, and to trust and believe in herself.
      Lane has always been a little different from her friends. While most of them cower and leave the divide alone she has always been curious about what is on the other side. A corrupt official sends her across the wall and a whole new world is opened. Yes, there are wild animals and crazy Ferae infected humans, but there is so much more. She enters a world of cut throat soldiers, amazingly beautiful and grotesque human/animal hybrids, and a whole new way of life. This book is so action packed with twists and turns that it is hard to describe without giving anything away. I will state that Inhuman has something that will appeal to all bookish types and both genders. Jam-packed with adventure, self-realization, crazy cool animals, cutthroat barbarians, violence (a little more than I expected), great friends, and potential love interests this book has everything you could ask for. One slight twinge of disatisfaction with Inhuman was that everything in the book was progressing toward a happily ever after and then it took a turn. I actually shed a couple of tears, but I have faith. In a book full of twists and turns most surprising was the ending. It wasn’t wrapped up in a pretty shiny bow with a happily ever after. The ending was satisfying, if a little sad and I desperately hope to see a sequel that will give my hope for happily ever after another shot! I give this book a 4 STAR rating.



  1. I got this from BEA13 & every day I look at it!
    Your review gave me some hope. I hoped it wouldnt be too boy-ish & I am happy its not.

    1. I really liked the romance dynamics in Inhuman. I can't wait to see where it goes in the next book.

  2. I just recently heard of this one and it sounds so interesting. I loved your review and the fact that the end was surprising. I hope there is a sequel. :)

    1. With the way it end there has to be! I want to see a happily ever after.