Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glimmerglass (A Faeriewalker Novel) by Jenna Black

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

Dana Hathaway doesn’t have to grow up, because she has always been a grown up. That’s what you get when your mother is a drunk. Dana has had enough and is tired of it. She wants to try being a kid before she becomes an adult for real. Her father has always been a mystery and she wouldn’t know anything about him if she hadn’t questioned her mom in one of her drunken stupors. Here’s what she does know- her mom has moved around hiding her all of these years, her dad lives in Avalon where the mortal world and faerie collide, he is a high raking faerie, oh yeah, and that makes Dana half fae. When Dana gets to Avalon it’s not quite what she pictured. She keeps getting kidnapped and attacked by her family, Knights, faerie creatures, and hot fae guys. Why? You might ask. Apparently she is a Faeriewalker. A unique being who is able to do the impossible…bring magic into the mortal world and technology into faerie. People from all sides are after her. They want to protect her, control her, hide her, use her, and some even want to kill her. Whoever said faerietales had to be cute and sweet?

What can I say? I’ll try not to be too biased, but in full disclosure this is one of my favorite book series. Dana is the perfect combination, almost like a real girl. She is “helpless” and “take charge” in all the right moments. Ethan and Kimber are the perfect brother and sister polar opposites. Keane is awesome too. I love his surliness. I’ve read every book in this series and I want to let you know if you love this book, be prepared to be blown away by the rest of them. This series just gets better with every installment. Don’t pass this one up! It’s awesome! I give it a 4 ½ STAR rating.
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Glimmerglass by Jenna Black has approximately 304 pages and was published on May 25, 2010 by St. Martin's Griffin. This is the first book in the Faeriewalker series. Also available in this series are Shadowspell and Sirensong.

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