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 I was browsing the amazon bargain book list like the good little book girl that I am and came across amazing deal that was just too good not to share. Katie Maxwell is an author who writes really cute and funny YA books. The first one of hers that I read was The Year My Life Went Down the Loo. That title alone was enough to win me over. On to the deal! Amazon Kindle has the Emily series on sale for $0.99 a book! That is too good to be true! As soon as I finish this post I'm going to buy all of them! Below is a link to each book along with the description from Goodreads or Katie Maxwell's website if a description wasn't available from Goodreads and a link to the Amazon Kindle page. Check the bottom of the page for a ling to Ms. Maxwell's site and info on the rest of her books.

1.) The Year My Life Went Down the Loo

The Grotty and the Fabu (No, it's not a song.)

Things That Really Irk My Pickle About Living in England
- The school uniform
- Piddlington-on-the-weld (I will forever be known as Emily from Piddlesville.)
- Marmite (It's yeast sludge! GACK!)
- The ghost in my underwear drawer (Spectral hands fondling my bras -- enough said!)
- No malls! What are these people thinking???

Things That Keep Me From Flying Home to Seattle for Good Coffee

- Aidan (Hunkalicious!)
- Devon (Droolworthy? Understatement of the year!)
- Fang (He puts the num in nummy!)
- Holly (Any girl who hunts movie stars with me -- and Oded Fehr will be mine -- is a friend for life.)
- Über-coolio Polo Club (Where the snogging is FINE!)

2.)They Wear What Under Their Kilts?

Sixteen-year-old Emily spends her month of work experience on a Scottish sheep farm, complete with wild sheep (who seem determined to do her in), her best friend Holly (who challenges her to a contest to see who can snog the local hottie first), and Ruaraidh the shepherd, AKA the Scottish God of Love who just happens to have eleven fingers.

Kilt-watching, disasterous castle tours, graffiti spraypainted sheep, and tanning lotions gone horribly awry–it’s just another month in the life of Emily.

3.)What's French For Ew?

Spring break arrives, and that means it’s time for Emily to brush up on her sadly lacking French language skills. Emily, however, has much more important plans for her time–she is determined to keep the interest of her boyfriend Devon, and what better place to storm his Bastille than Paris?

Unfortunately her attempts to conquer strange French cuisine, Devon–and oh, yes, there’s that little thing about learning the language–end up in …well, let’s just call it The French Revolution II and leave it at that.

4.) The Taming of the Dru

Subject: Emily s über-Fabu Boyfriend Tips



1. Lip action matters. When selecting a guy to be your potential BF, it s really best if you don t give him a concussion when trying to kiss him.
2. Bad timing sucks. If you spend months waiting for your potential BF to come home from another country intending to throw yourself in his manly arms, make sure he s coming home alone.
3. Swords hurt. If you insist on challenging a BF-stealing wannabe to a duel with one, use a fake sword rather than a real one. Sword cuts are so hard to explain to the parental units...
4. Don t take no for an answer. Some guys need a little help seeing that you re the best thing since someone figured out how to get glitter in lip gloss.

5.) Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties

Reasons why my life sucks right now
1. The end of high school. You’d think that’s good, right? Remember that episode of Buffy where the demon snake eats everyone at her graduation? That would be an improvement over mine.
2. Dorm life. Thumbs way up on moving away from home, but down, down, down on the Geek Dorm where I’ll spend the next four years. It’s going to take forever to hipify all those science and techno geeks.
3. Dru’s wedding. She may be one of my best friends, but if she thinks I’m going to wear a pink and yellow plaid bridesmaid’s dress, she’s completely wacked out of her gourd.
4. Romantic graduation present cruise…without the nummiest boyfriend on the face of the earth? One word: Waaaaaaaaah!

Link to Katie Maxwell's website: Click Me!

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