Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Scheduling: TV Shows to Watch!

It is summer time and with that comes fun in the sun and a little extra time on my hands. Frolicking in the sunshine is wonderful, but as a girl of the 21st century I like my TV! That said, the best TV shows of the year are on summer break...or so I thought! Below is a list of some AMAZING summer shows you fellow TV lovers should check out.

1.) Falling Skies- TNT
              Are you a fan of post-apocalyptic stories and scary aliens that kidnap children? This is the show for you! In all seriousness this show is awesome and I've been waiting a whole YEAR for it to come back on! The second season premieres June 17 at 9 p.m .

2.) Drop Dead Diva- LifeTime
               Fun, sassy, quirky, fashion minded, sarcastic, lawyers, and a little supernatural are mixed together to form the unique show that is Drop Dead Diva! Season 3 premiered on June 3!

3.) Awkward- MTV
                I'm not normally a MTV fan, but they have some awesome summer shows! This high school comedy follows a young girl trying to make it through high school after going from social obscurity to notoriety after people mistakenly think she tried to kill herself! This show is a little "dirty" and absolutely hilarious! Catch season 2 on Thursday, June 28.

4.) Teen Wolf- MTV
                 As a recent Teen Wolf convert I have a soft spot for this show. This isn't the best summer TV has to offer, but I'm addicted! The story goes back and forth between being laugh out loud bad/ridiculous to intense and awesome! If you are interested in the life of a Teen age werewolf in love with a werewolf hunter check this out! Catch season 1 on Netflix and season 2 premiered on  June 3!

6.) Rizzoli & Isles- TNT
                   Watch the summer continuation of the crime solving duo that is Rizzoli and Isles! Jane Rizzoli is a dry humored, blue collar background, Boston PD officer who can whip some bad guy butt! Mara Isles is an uber smart and sophisticated counter balance to Rizzoli and the Boston PD medical examiner! These best friends have the bad guys constantly on lookout! Premieres June 5 at 9 p.m.

7.) Jane by Design- ABC Family
                     Jane is a quirky high school student who was mistaken for an adult and given the executive assistant job to one of her favorite fashion gurus! What is a girl to do? Lead a double life of course! Mayhem, fashion excellence, and guy drama ensue. This is a TV show that I absolutely adore! Catch the summer premiere on June 5!

Are there any summer shows that you absolutely love?

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